10 Facts You May Not Know About Signal Telecom

Did you know that Signal Telecom is a family run business with 3 offices based across the North of England or that we are currently undergoing an exciting office refurbishment? Want to know more about us? Then check out these 10 facts about Signal Telecom you may not know.  

1. We are all about family – who love a good night out

Our business has always been about family. Not only is our management team headed by a family but family values run through our company. We wouldn’t be where we are without our team and certainly couldn’t offer the service we do to our customers without them so we create a very family orientated environment here at Signal and we really do care about our employees with one of our employees being part of the team for over 15 years!

2. Did you know we used to be market traders?

We are proud of our roots but did you know that before we starting supplying businesses with their communication needs, we used to have a stall at Catterick Sunday market? Being based in Catterick Garrison (one of the largest army barracks in Europe) we used to be the go to company for soldiers looking for mobiles.

3. Been in business for over 26 years

Yep sometimes we can’t believe it either but we have been doing this for over 26 years now! Our managing director Chris founded our business in 1993 and hasn’t look back since.

4. We are undergoing an office makeover

Our team is constantly expanding so some much needed office space was in order. Luckily for us here in Catterick, the office next door was vacant so we knocked through (well we got someone else to haha) and created our new office space. We have moved in and the main structural work is complete so now it’s just the exciting décor bits to do now! Stay tuned for more updates on this.

5. Small but mighty

We may be smaller than a lot of our competitors in terms of size but we still pack a good punch! Our head office is based in Catterick, with another office in Stokesley and another in Preston – offering our clients localised support.

6. Spot the Signal vans

Our fleet is constantly expanding and we are now the proud owner of 3 Signal Telecom vans and our sporty Kia Rio car! We are thinking of naming them, so any suggestions why not tweet them to us @signal_telecom

7. We love mobile phones but we know a few things about IT too!

Our roots have mobiles intertwined in them from day one but we are dedicated to helping our customers & their businesses. And over the past few years we have had more and more customers coming to us needing reliable and knowledgeable IT support from a provider they trust.  So we now have a dedicated & experienced IT service team headed up by our super IT manager, Darren.

8. One of the best in the UK

We are proud to be an O2 Direct Partner, working closely with O2 to offer business tariffs and products that work for our customers. We are honoured to be awarded double award status in both Digital Excellence and Customer Service from O2 for the past 5 consecutive years  – one of only 3 partners in the UK to achieve this prestigious status.

9. We love our customers

What makes us unique to other communication providers is our account management model. We don’t just sell to you and then leave you to your own devices – we look after you throughout your entire time with us which is why half of our workforce are based in customer service and account management!

10. We have a strangely large collection of vintage phones

We thought we would end on a bit of weird note but our Operations Manager, Michael, has a very large collection of vintage mobile phones proudly displayed in his office. We have tried to get rid of them (recycle them of course) but he seems very fond of them so it looks like they are staying – well I suppose they are a little bit of Signal history after all.

Love what you've heard?

We hope you have enjoyed finding out a little bit more about us but if you would love to know a little bit more, including what we can do for your business, then please get in touch. Our team would love to hear from you! 

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