How To Prepare For The ISDN Lines Switch Off

With the phase out of ISDN networks beginning in 2020, it’s important for businesses to prepare. So now really is the time for businesses to explore their options & update your tech to meet your communication needs.

The completion date for this phase-out is predicted for 2025, giving organisations time to make changes to their communication infrastructures that will set them up for the future.

To help you prepare, we’ve gathered some useful information which you might find helpful.

But firstly, why are BT switching off the ISDN network?

BT introduced ISDN lines nationwide in 1986, and since then connectivity has advanced greatly. BT recognises that ISDN lines are outdated, costly, and do not give businesses the flexibility or scalability they really need.  The investment and nationwide roll out of superfast fibre internet and new Ethernet products provides a viable alternative. 

Our first piece of advice - Don't rush into another ISDN contract

Our first helpful tip for preparing for when ISDN lines switch off, is to reconsider any contract renewals. If your current ISDN contract is up for renewal, we could encourage you NOT to renew.

Why? Well there still may be 5 years to go until ISDN lines become extinct but sticking with them could be detrimental to your business. ISDN lines are being switched off by BT for a reason. They are outdated, costly and can restrict your business in terms of flexibility & scalability. 

Secondly, consider alternatives

There are an estimated 6.4 million businesses that use fixed lines. So what can they use instead?

Well there are two big contenders. VoIP and SIP solutions.

VoIPa cloud based telephony solution which moves your whole phone system online, so all your calls are sent over your internet connection.

SIP trunksprovides you with a phone line which is carried over your fibre internet connection removing the need for an ISDN phone line.

Top 5 Benefits of SIP and VoIP

Huge savings – Up to a 78% reduction in costs compared to ISDN due to cheaper calls and no more expensive line rental.

Greater flexibility – Move anywhere in the UK and simply plug back into the network with no need to change numbers.

Faster installation – No more waiting for an engineer to install physical lines means you get connected faster.

Higher resiliency – Multiple fibre lines can be installed providing an automatic backup and failover so you’re always connected.

Advanced features – Increased control, integration and analytics offers a huge range of new and advanced features.

Switch today

VoIP or SIP? We can help you make this decision. Our team of trained telecommunications experts can advise you on the benefits of each, which solution would work better for your business & the steps to take if you switch to VoIP or SIP. 

So to find out more about switching to VoIP or SIP and the benefits it can bring speak to one of our team on 01748 835599 or contact us.

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