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Our 5 top tips for remote working

It’s amazing to see our team pull together in such challenging & unprecedented times! Within 48 hours our entire team was set up for remote working, proving that having the right systems and technology in place, can make a real difference. 

But for many of our team, remote working is a whole new experience so we’ve taken what we have learnt so far & thought we would share our top tips for making remote working, work! We hope you like them. 

1. Establish & stick to a routine

Just because no one will know if you are sitting at your desk in your pyjamas, it doesn’t mean that you should. We have found that it’s a good idea to go about your working day as normal.  So if your normal was to get up, do a quick workout, grab your morning coffee, shower & then get dressed, then do that.  Many of our team have also found having  a comfortable & dedicated work from home environment really helps too. 

2. Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks to refocus and keep yourself working efficiently. Include a little exercise and fresh air if you can. And try to keep the weekends for rest and recuperation, rather than for getting stressed and feeling guilty about the work you need to catch up on.

3. Stay in touch 

You will probably still be talking to your colleagues during the day, but this is probably going to be about work related topics. Remote working can be lonely so it’s important to make sure that still catch up on the  office banter & chat that goes on normally in the office. Touch base with your colleagues, particularly those who live alone to ensure they are okay.

4. Meet via video

Miss seeing your colleagues pretty faces? Seeing each other is an important part of keeping connected with everyone. At Signal, video conferencing is the norm as it allows us to be present and quickly catch up with each other to see what’s going on.  We use collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams to connect with each other via video and we also love it for its instant chat feature too.  (it’s like the old MSN days!) 

5. Set boundaries

You may feel tempted to make yourself available all the time. But that isn’t good for your health or wellbeing – so it’s really important to establish habits and working practices that you can maintain. Start work at your usual time, give yourself 5-10 minutes to get set up, grab a coffee etc. Still take an allocated time for lunch and when it’s time to finish, then finish!  


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