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4 remote working challenges for IT

Did you know that 81% of employees are expected to work from home at least once a week when they return to the office but managing & supporting your employees & their devices from a distance is tricky. Check out these 4 common remote working IT challenges & how we can help you solve them.

1. Security

Did you know 31% of cyber attacks lead to job losses? That puts a hefty burden on the shoulders of every administrator. And it can seem even more difficult to keep an eye on security issues away from the office (especially with new mobile fleets).

Full remote visibility and better device-level security can keep you in control of threats. Mobile device management software is a must, and all management tools should be easy to integrate for a single view across your fleet.

Regular firmware updates are also essential. But watch out – not all manufacturers continue to offer these updates for the long term. So, make sure you won’t be left without the latest security in two years’ time.

2. Deployment

Chances are, you normally get your hands on a new device to configure it. But with everyone working remotely, that means waiting, receiving and reposting. It’s a slow process.

So, remote configuration is a must. It gives you complete control over settings, restrictions, apps and more. Our IT team work with the very best in remote working technology and can set up specific user-group configurations without even opening the box. Which means new devices can be shipped straight to your employees.

3. Firmware updates

Keeping your devices on the latest firmware is a security essential. But leaving your users to press the button can lead to patchy results.

Look out for brands that allow you to update firmware remotely via your mobile device management software. Good systems let you update manually, schedule for regular upgrades and choose specific times.

Ideally, you should also be able to test version updates and new apps. This lets you make sure everything is stable before you roll things out across your whole business.

4. Time pressures

Time is a rare commodity for tech professionals. Yet with downtime even more disruptive in remote conditions, planning for an attack takes on greater importance and the day-to-day demands of users are likely to rise.

If you’re already pushed for time, we offer high efficient and long-term support contracts, allowing for quick replacement services should you ever need it and easing the burden. We can help you with complex issues, too.

When you can’t step in with spare devices yourself, our support services can get your users back up and running fast.


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*Source courtesy of O2 Business Blog

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