4 Easter Marketing Ideas To Get Your Profits Hopping

Making the most of seasonal events is a a great way to boost the visibility of your brand as well as build a loyal customer base and fostering a community amongst your customers. After Christmas and Valentines Day, Easter has become one of the most profitable holiday seasons of the year. So it’s the biggest opportunity to kick-start a marketing campaign and get your company profit’s leaping. But if you’re stuck for inspiration on what to do, here are a few Easter marketing ideas courtesy of  Business Advice to help you. 


Easter Promotions or Events

Creating a special event to run in parallel with the day is the most obvious way to make the most of a seasonal occasion. For example, if you own or run a restaurant, you could create a seasonal menu, using local produce, or themed foods. Lamb and rabbit are popular choices at Easter, as are chocolate and egg based dishes of course.

Don’t forget, adults love Easter celebrations too so splash out on an Easter themed cocktail or two.

If your business isn’t food related then you can still get in on the act and arrange promotional events with a theme, such as bonnet or basket making days, egg decorating, children’s book story telling hours, or a visit from the Easter Bunny.

The important point is to make these events seem fun, inclusive and “not to be missed”. Create a sense of ceremony and your clients will visit in droves and talk about you with friends, thus raising your brand profile. Win-win.


Social Media Competitions & Content

If you don’t have the time or space to host an event at your premises, or if your business doesn’t have a premises, you could run an online event, such as a competition with prizes, best follower egg decorating, guess the name of the bunny, etc. Anything to get people talking, sharing and interacting with your social channels.

You could go live with a fun Easter based activity. For instance, you could get your staff outdoors and looking for the “Easter Bunny” – tracking him through the streets or fields. Or you could make a quick tutorial and post it online – for example Easter hairstyles, table decorating for the Easter feast or flower arranging.

Don’t forget you can also use social channels like SnapChat and purchase Geofilters that can be used in your shop, buy the area by the square foot, make a branded Easter filter and then start snapping away, get as many of your customers to share their silly pictures as possible and spread the giggles!

The added brand awareness alone is enough to make this worthwhile – it’s an almost free advertising tool, so perfect for cash-strapped businesses. Social media gives us an opportunity to up-sell as well – by posting content like tutorials you can highlight the skills you might have as a stylist or showcase your hair accessories.

Think laterally about what “value” you are giving your followers and you will make loyal brand ambassadors of them.


Easter Egg Hunt

Invite all your customers or clients to an Easter egg hunting extravaganza, hide eggs (chocolate or not) around your premises and let them go wild rooting them out.

If you’re using chocolate eggs, make sure there are plenty to find as this will be the reward in itself. If you choose to use real eggs or paper eggs then the person who finds the most can be declared the winner and awarded with a prize.

If you hold an adults only event then this would be an ideal opportunity to promote something you sell, or give away an “experience”.

Complementary events can be planned in the lead up to the big day, such as decorating your own egg collecting baskets; this is a particularly good one for children. This type of one day event will create a real clamour for attendance, especially if the prize is particularly enticing or the entrance is free or very cheap.

This sort of publicity can’t always be bought and will generate interest that your customers can talk about for weeks to come – increased foot traffic to your door is always welcome as once in the store you can encourage sales.

In-Store Easter Marketing Ideas

In-store Easter marketing ideas can be as simple or as crazy as you want to make them – the things that will hold you back are space, time or finances.

If it’s space then try running a promotional discount, maybe a loyalty card with a limited time offer so that your customers will have to visit several times or make a few purchases to gain their freebie or discount. This works well in coffee shops or small gift shops. Clothing stores can glorify their rails and walls with fun new Easter decorations like little bunnies, eggs, chicks and flowers – it shouldn’t take up much room and will be a festive nod to the day.

If you want to try something a bit more time intensive but very cool, then a virtual egg hunt with geo-caching could unlock a discount for dedicated customers.

If you have a store with numerous customers who are parents then treating the kids is always a welcome relief to flustered shoppers. A free colouring stash for children who come in with parents (some simple printed colouring pages and inexpensive crayons) will put a smile on their faces and wouldn’t have to cost the earth.

In-store marketing can help set the tone and turn your promotional campaigns into profitable sales by theming your store to mark the occasion. By giving your business an Easter feel, you can link the meaning of the holiday with your product or service. Give whatever bargain deal or offer you come up with an authenticity and by linking it to a known holiday you give consumers a reason to shop. In addition, a well decorated and inviting store can draw in potential customers.


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