7 signs it’s time to get a new phone

Your aging phone may be dropping some none-too-subtle hints that it’s time to put it out to pasture and buy a new phone. Here are 7 signs it’s time to get with the times:¬†


1. The touch screen is slow to respond

If your phone has started to register your taps and swipes as suggestions and not commands, responding to some while ignoring others, it’s time to upgrade to a phone that listens to you and cares about you.


2. Your busted-up screen is a hazard

Worse than a slow phone is a cracked phone. You may have grown accustomed to your smashed display to where you barely notice the intricate spider-web pattern of cracks, but a crisp new screen is certain to delight your senses. Or just your eyes.


3. The battery life doesn’t get you to lunch

You have enough going on each day without needing to schedule a recharge for your phone. Unless you’re watching YouTube and movies all day on a recent-model smartphone, you can reasonably expect to leave the house with it each morning to return at the end of the day without ever stopping to recharge its battery.


4. Your phone decides it’s suddenly time to shut down (again!)

Do you know what’s worse than constantly running out of battery? The random shutdown. And the only thing less fun than the random shutdown is the random shutdown followed by your phone taking its sweet time powering back up. Or refusing to turn back on until a point in time of its choosing. Get a new phone and gain some predictability in your life.

5. Your photos and videos look like they were shot through a screen door

Along with a new phone comes a better camera. Stop capturing grainy, low-resolution moments and start collecting crisp, clear, high-resolution memories.


6. No one can understand¬† what you’re saying

Maybe it was water damage or just old phone fatigue, but your friends have stopped accepting your calls. Your only options for getting your voice heard — should you decide to actually call someone — are to plug in your headphones or use the speakerphone. Otherwise you’ve basically resorted to text messaging.


7. 3G vs 4G

What if we told you a 4G enable phone can deliver content up to 10 times as fast as your aging 3G phone? And not to rub it in, but just wait until you see the rumored speeds of the soon-to-come 5G network. Depending on how old your current phone is and the coverage in your area, when you upgrade to a new-and-improved phone you may also upgrade to a new-and-improved network.


Where can you get help?

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Source courtesy of CNET


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