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Does your company have employees who are field based, on the road, work in the community, conduct home visits, or work outside normal office hours? Well as part of new government legislations, you need to protect these employees as part of your duty of care.

Get the Lone Worker Protection App from Signal Telecom, the smart way to protect your employees from as little as £6 per month.


What Is The Lone Worker Protection App?

The Lone Worker Protection App is an app that can be installed onto your employee’s smartphones and can safely monitor the welfare of employees working alone in remote locations or anywhere where there is a potential risk to their safety. No need for additional equipment, just a handy app to install on the smartphones you already have.


How Does It Work?

We work with renowned supplier, Crystal Ball, and are a direct supplier of their MobileLWP app, software that differs from other lone worker protection solutions.


Firstly, because it monitors your employees welfare in real-time and secondly, because there is no need to carry and additional device, it all works off your smartphone.


Along with other great features, the app uses automated routine welfare check-in time periods, which are controlled by your employees and then report back to the web based management system. Should a time period expire on the handset and the lone worker does not respond, the app activates a panic alarm automatically – notifying you via the system.


And what’s great is that a panic alarm can be activated by your employee manually should they need it. This can be done even if the handset’s screen is locked!

Why Do I Need It?

Our lone worker solutions safeguard the welfare of your employees that work alone, and offers assistance in complying with new health & safety legislations set by the government.


The clever smartphone based application allows your employees and you to:


  • Raise a panic alarm discreetly
  • Get access to live mapping, together with detailed reports, reducing your admin times.
  • Raise an alarm if your lone worker fails to check in after a certain time period
  • See clear & precise map views, displaying your lone worker positions at all times.

What Does Your Lone Worker Protection Package Include?

We are proactive and committed to providing you with an exceptional first class service. We understand the issues you face, so our knowledgeable and trained specialists are just a phone call away to resolve any problems you have, saving you time & money. But what else do you get:


  • Clear & Precise Map Views – Showing the location of your employees at all times.
  • Routine Welfare Checks (RWC) – An automated timer is activated on the handset, notifying you that the lone worker requires regular monitoring for a set period of time.
  • Automated Panic Alarms – When a RWC interval expires without a response from your employee, a panic alarm activates automatically on the handset and you are notified immediately.
  • Manual Panic Alarm – Your employees can notify you the moment an emergency arises.
  • NFC Functionality – Using the NFC (Near field communications) bolt on, your employees can swipe in/out of locations – notifying you of their arrival/departure and their time at these locations.
  • SMS & Email Notifications – Panic alarms automatically trigger email and text alerts to you, detailing your employees’ current location.
  • Open Audio Facility – When a panic alarm is activated, a number is dialled automatically and you can discretely listen in to the situation.


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