McAfee Multi-Access Security – The Security Lifesaver

McAfee Multi Access is an online security app that protects all your devices, all at once – after all, one virus can wreak havoc.

In the last few years there’s been a huge shift away from paperwork to digital. Even for the smallest of businesses, a lot of work can come through email.

Perhaps you use laptops at work and rely on smartphones to keep up with emails when you’re out and about? Or work on tablets simply for convenience and easy of use. To protect your client’s data, you’ll need a simple way to keep all your devices safe from spam and phishing emails, be alerted to risky websites and to keep all your passwords safe too – well let us introduce you to McAfee Multi Access – The Security Lifesaver.

What Is It?

McAfee Multi Access is an online security app that protects your devices against viruses, spam, malware and identity theft making sure your documents and customer data are safe. And it covers all types of devices, so not only is your PC safe but so is your smartphone, tablet and iPad. And all from just £3 a month.

How Can You Benefit


Protect Against Costly Cyber Security Breaches

Statistics show even small and medium-sized businesses have their security breached. Preventing this risk with a low monthly subscription makes smart business sense. And far less costly than fixing afterwards.

Cover All Devices

McAfee Multi Access covers all devices, except Windows Phones and Blackberry smartphones. With your first subscription you can protect up to five devices. And if you need to cover more than five, you can buy a further licence for each additional device.

Stop Spam & Phishing Emails

With so much work done over email, keeping your inboxes free of junk mail, as well as anything possibly harmful, is a really good idea.

Manage All Your Passwords. Securely

More devices means lots of passwords. It’s not only confusing but can mean lots of way in for potential problems. With McAfee you can create one master password that’s synced across all your devices.

Locate Your Device

Know exactly where all your smartphones and tablets are. Track them on a map and if they are not where they should be you can lock them remotely.

Lock Your Lost Device & Delete It’s Data

Loss and theft protection for all devices, with features including Remote Alarm, Tracking and Data Wiping Features. so if your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, McAfee Multi Access can locate it, lock it or wipe it.


Get Protected Now>>

It’s so simple to manage. One monthly subscription covers up to 5 devices. But how much does all this cost? Just 10p per day! And don’t worry about the hassle of setting up, one of our tech team will do it for you, for free! So call us on 01748 835599 and speak to our team about getting your devices protected today.

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