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Quickly access emails, browse the web and keep in contact with colleagues when away from the office with mobile broadband data packages from Signal Telecom.

Choose a 3G or 4G dongle to connect your laptop to the internet, or get an O2 Pop Up Office and create your own Wifi hotspot to connect your Wi-Fi enabled gadgets to the internet. Or if you have a tablet, get on the internet on the move with our SIM only deals.

Not only can you take advantage of the excellent 3G and 4G coverage but you can also connect to any one of the 14,000 O2 Wifi hotspots for free! And with the simple to use O2 connection manager, you can connect to the internet easily, manage your network connections and keep track of your usage.

Already Got A Tablet? Get A SIM & Get On The Internet

Already own a tablet & want to be online wherever you go? Then you need a Data SIM.


A Data SIM is mobile broadband for your tablet. The SIM can be inserted into your 3G/4G enabled tablet and as long as you have a network signal, you can access the internet. Affordable tariffs starting from just £7.50 with 1GB of UK data allowance and unlimited Wifi included every month.

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Mobile Broadband Dongles For Your Laptop

Have a laptop and need to access the internet? Then you need a wireless mobile broadband data dongle.
Our great value 3G and 4G data dongles plug into the USB port of your laptop, enabling you to get online in no time. We offer a range of affordable 3G and 4G tariffs to match the way you work, with price plans to suit the internet allowance you need, starting from just £7.50 a month, can you afford not to have one?
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Stay Connected With A Pop Up Office

Want to connect more than one device at a time? Get a Pop Up Office & create your own mobile office in minutes.
The mobile hotspot, aka a mobile wifi device, is small & lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you go, giving you internet access whenever you need it.
Simple to set up and use, you can connect up to 10 other devices to the internet and because your hotspot is 4G-ready, the devices can use the amazingly fast O2 4G network whether they’re 4G compatible or not.
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Want A Tablet For Your Business?

From being able to sync all your devices to access all your documents, to checking your emails and producing presentations, tablets have become an essential and powerful tool for businesses.
Here at Signal Telecom, we offer a wide range of tablets to meet your tastes and needs.  From a Wifi only tablet to a 3G/4G enabled tablet with our affordable mobile broadband SIM packages, we give you the flexibility to connect to the office wherever you may be.
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Why You Should Buy Mobile Broadband From Signal Telecom

Here’s 5 great reasons why we think you should buy your mobile broadband from Signal Telecom:

  • One supplier for all your mobile data needs
  • Choice of affordable & cheap mobile broadband tariffs starting from just £7.50
  • Access to unlimited Wifi & 14,000 O2 Wifi hotspots throughout the UK
  • Technical support team to get you set up and help you when you need it
  • Excellent 3G and 4G coverage from O2

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