Part Three – Set Your Business Free With Technology – Work Securely

Here at Signal we are all about helping our customers embrace technology and give them the tools they need to prosper. Which is why we are proud to say part three of our ‘Set Your Business Free’ series if finally here! See how you can enable your team to work together & smarter and still stay safe with clever security apps such as McAfee Multi Access & MaaS360. 


Did you know the average time to contain a cyber attack is 30 days! 

With flexibility to work anywhere on any device comes the headache of protecting all your important stuff. Your sensitive data could be at stake and the problem can be exaggerated if employees use their own devices to access company information.No problem.

We have you covered with a range of security apps that suit all needs. Your people stay free to work on the move and use whatever device they like. Smartphones, tablets and PCs are all covered with the latest antivirus software.


2 industry leading security apps can help you achieve this. 



Working with their partner IBM, O2 give you MaaS360, a cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution (MDM) which is a quick and easy way to make sure all mobile devices are secure. It prevents the bad things from getting in and the good things from leaking out of any corporate network.

McAfee Multi Access

Keeps your devices and data safe from viruses, spam, malware and identity theft and is designed to recognise websites designed to steal your data. One licence covers up to five devices which can be controlled from a central management console. You can even track data usage or define data limits on Android so you never go over your allocated spend.


How can Signal Telecom & O2 help?

With these business apps, there’s no excuse not to power-up your people and release their full potential. Mobility is the key to keeping your business agile and one step ahead of the game. It could be the difference between sink or swim. The extra flexibility in being able to work anywhere, at anytime, will reduce stress levels, leading to more productive and loyal staff. It’ll help you attract top talent too. We have got you covered. What are you waiting for? Give your business the boost it needs. Interested in any of these apps, then get in touch with our team on 01748 835599


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