Part Two – Set Your Business Free With Technology – Work Together

Here at Signal we are all about helping our customers embrace technology and give them the tools they need to prosper. Which is why we are proud to say part two of our ‘Set Your Business Free’ series if finally here! See how you can enable your team to work together with Box, O2 Just Call Me & Mobile Recording! 


Did you know employees working flexibly are 55% more likely to go the extra mile for their employers?

New millennials value being able to collaborate with their colleagues more than any other generation before them. Businesses that facilitate this boost productivity and just as importantly, the happiness of their workforce by creating a great work/life balance.

Flexibility is key. The ability to work wherever, whenever. It’s one of the best things your business can offer employees. Meetings no longer need to take place in the office. If your team is spread around the country, it’s not a problem. Everyone can still be included.

This smarter way of working suits the new faster pace of life. No time to finish that report in the office? No problem, grab some spare time elsewhere. There’s no need to be in the office to finish the job. Less stress, less pressure. More productivity, more loyalty.

3 simple business apps can help you achieve this. 



Box means your team can share documents and collaborate online with colleagues, clients and customers, wherever they are and whatever device they’re on. It’s easy to set up. Just one simple app to install, then start uploading and sharing folders. It works in the cloud so it’s secure, you can control who can use certain files and you save money too because you don’t need on-site servers.

O2 Just Call Me

Lets you hold those conference calls on the move. You host the call through your mobile device, your team or clients just call your number to join. No pin, no hassle. Participants pay a standard rate or if they’re on O2 Business, it’s free. Now you can hold conference calls for up to 20 people whether they’re in the office, out and about or somewhere else in the world.

Mobile Recording

Lets you record, store and manage calls and texts. This might be something you’re required to do or it might be something you want to do as best practice around customer interactions. Either way, it’s designed to make you compliant with new MiFiD II regulations that come into force in January 2018. Quick to set up, silent to the end user, with a user-friendly portal, it mixes seamlessly with everything and everyone.



How can Signal Telecom & O2 help?

With these business apps, there’s no excuse not to power-up your people and release their full potential. Mobility is the key to keeping your business agile and one step ahead of the game. It could be the difference between sink or swim. The extra flexibility in being able to work anywhere, at anytime, will reduce stress levels, leading to more productive and loyal staff. It’ll help you attract top talent too. We have got you covered. What are you waiting for? Give your business the boost it needs. Interested in any of these apps, then get in touch with our team on 01748 835599


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