The Signal Telecom Customer Complaint Code

We want to give you the best service. Our Customer Complaints Code is here to explain how we’ll help when things go wrong.

Our client service teams are in the best position to deal with your complaint and should be the first people you contact. You can contact them by email at or call them on 01748 835599. Please have your account number and/or phone number linked to your service ready. This will help us investigate and ring you back quickly. 

We’ll do our best to resolve your complaint as soon as you get in touch. If you’re not satisfied with what we’re doing to put things right, ask for a manager. We aim to resolve most complaints by this stage but more complex complaints may take longer. If you’re unhappy with the progress of your complaint you may wish to contact our Complaint Review Team. 

Our Compliant Review Service

If you’ve spoken to a manager and you’re not satisfied with how we’ve handled your complaint, the Complaint Review Service can help – they’ll carry out an impartial review of your complaint. 

We’ll help you escalate your complaint or you can contact our Complaint Review Service directly by email or post.

Signal Telecom Complaint Review Team

10 Bailey Court, Colburn Business Park
Catterick Garrison 
North Yorkshire
DL9 4QL 

Make sure you include your contact details and what you’d like us to do to resolve your complaint.

What to expect

We’ll send you an acknowledgement of your complaint straight away and get the investigation started. We’ll try to give you a call on the phone, so let us know when it is best to call you.

Once we’ve reviewed your complaint, we’ll let you know the outcome within five working days. If it’s going to take longer, we’ll let you know and keep you informed of our progress. If we write to you with the outcome, you have 28 days to get back to us or we’ll assume the matter is resolved and close your complaint.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you’re not happy after we’ve responded to your complaint, or if it takes us more than eight weeks to resolve your complaint, you may wish to seek Alternative Dispute Resolution by contacting the Ombudsman Services: Communications.

Please be aware that the Ombudsman can’t deal with complaints about commercial policy (like our prices or broadband availability) but you’re not charged for using their services. They investigate complaints fairly by listening to both sides of the story and looking at the facts. If you’d like to know more about the way they work and what they can help with, there’s more information on their websites.

You can call Ombudsman Services: Communications on 0330 440 1614 or write to them at:

Ombudsman Services: Communications PO Box 730

Or contact them through the website at

A consumer leaflet with more information on what the Financial Ombudsman can help with can be found at

If you would like a copy of our Customer Complaints Code in a downloadable format, please request this by emailing

Customer Complaints Code V1 valid from 3rd March 2020

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