Put A Stop To Nuisance Phone Calls

Unwanted nuisance phone calls can be extremely irritating. They generally come in two forms; live marketing calls from a real person and automated marketing calls using a pre-recorded message. However, there are various steps you can take to cut down on the number of calls you receive. 


1. Be Careful Who You Give Your Details To

Prevention is always better than a cure, and that goes double for nuisance calls.

Perhaps the best way to ensure you don’t get unwelcome calls is to look very carefully at the checkboxes you’re asked to tick when you buy something or sign up for a news e-mail. Sometimes ticking the box gives the service provider freedom to share your details with any number of other companies, who could then share your details again with even more telephone sales companies.

If you want to make absolutely sure you don’t get these calls, you have to look very closely at the companies you’d be allowing to contact you. If the small print mentions ‘trusted parties’ or ‘third parties’, you’re allowing the company to pass on your details at will.


2. Get in touch with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

This is a completely free service that allows you to opt out of unsolicited calls entirely — on paper, at least. In practice, unwanted calls still find a way through. But it’s still a smart step to take.

To register your mobile or landline number, you just have to call 0845 070 0707. Alternatively, from a mobile you can just text “TPS” and your e-mail address to 78070. You’ll know you’ve been successful in signing up if you receive a text reply from the TPS.

There may be a charge for the text on some networks; however, for most users, the text should be included within their bundle.

The bar takes 28 days to come into effect, so you won’t see an immediate reduction in calls.

Find out more here: Telephone Preference Service.


3. Go Ex-Directory

Although being removed from the phone book used to be something only the upper crust would consider, it’s now a fairly standard way for people to avoid getting harassed by nuisance calls, going ex-directory is actually a very sensible thing to do. At the very least it will enable fewer telesales companies from getting hold of your number.


4. Ask Where They Got Your Number

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the rep will tell you how they got the number. From that you may be able to work out why you’re being bothered with calls and take steps to put a stop to it.


 5. Register The Number And Make A Complaint

The next time you get a nuisance call, take a note of the time of the call, the company and the number. If you’re not sure of this use 1471. You can then use these to lodge a complaint with the telecoms regulator Ofcom.





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