Turn Your Customers Into Your Very Own Sales Team

Managing your customers in the right way can turn happy customers into ambassadors for your business, spreading the word and bringing in new business directly to you, all for no cost at all. But how do I do this I hear you say? Well follow this very simple 3 step plan and you’re sales figures will start to reap the benefits in no time.


1. Keeping Your Customers Happy = Customer Retention = Positive Recommendations 

Delight your customers and you can turn them into effective sales people who can persuade friends, family and colleagues to use your products and services. But creating these sales people does not happen by accident, it all begins with good service and a real commitment to customer retention.   

“Customer retention is very important. What all the research tells us is that it is five times easier to sell to existing customers. You need an approach that focusses on customer retention,” stresses Robin Daniels from Salesforce.com.  

Remember, every customer counts. Nurture your existing customers & keep them happy, no matter what size they are, otherwise what is there to stop them going elsewhere?  


2. Understand Your Customer’s Needs  

By showing you have a pretty good idea of what your customers’ needs, such as when they have last bought from you, when they may need to buy again, what they spent last time, is all valuable knowledge that shows you are actively looking after your customers and their needs.  

Keep accurate records of your customers, whether you do so on a paper-based system, using Excel spreadsheets or whether you have a CRM system, the more information you have, the more you and your team can keep track of your customers. Delivering on their needs without them having to come to you first makes for very happy customers.  


3. Exceed Their Expectations 

Exceeding customer expectations can be what makes you stand out from your competitors. It will boost your reputation and your revenue and help you to focus your sales efforts more effectively. Happy customers are far more likely to influence others to buy from you.  

Sales people are good but nothing beats a recommendation from an independent source. By following these three very simple steps, you can have your customers consistently selling for you, all with more credibility than any sales person.  


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